How To Remove Caramel From Your Carpet

Carpets are an essential commodity in almost every house. You walk and spill food on it and make it dirty. Therefore, it requires cleaning. If you don’t clean carpets correctly, then their fabric gets damaged. So, one should never ignore the cleaning of carpets.

Carpets get dirty easily because of regular usage. It gets stains of caramel. wine, tea, etc. If your carpet has ugly spots because of caramel spilling. Here are some of the tricks and tips that will help you, removing caramel from the carpet.

How To Remove Caramel From Your Carpet?

Carmel is sweet and delicious. But it is not good for your carpet. If you spill caramel on a carpet, then the oil or butter present on it causes stains. Here are some of the steps to remove unwanted caramel stains from a carpet.

  1. Remove caramel from stains instantly

If you spill caramel food on a carpet, then you should clean the caramel as soon as you drop it. With the help of a butter knife, remove the caramel from the carpet. Try and remove as much as you can. Do not rub the carpet with a cloth because the caramel will get settled in the deep layers of the carpet. You should not let caramel dry because then it becomes difficult to clean.

2. Use a liquid detergent

After scraping off the caramel from the carpet, use a liquid detergent. Make a mixture of detergent and cold water. Then apply the mixture to the stained area. The detergent helps in removing the caramel from the fabric’s fibre. Avoid using bleach liquid detergent because it harms the fabric.

3. Blot the carpet surface

After applying the detergent to remove the water gently blot the carpet surface. To absorb water, you should use a cotton cloth. You should not rub it vigorously with a cloth because the fabric’s fibre might become weak and loose.

4. Spray a solution of vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent. Make a dilute mixture of vinegar and water, and spray over the carpet. Let this solution rest over the carpet, for 10 to 15 minutes. Then bolt the carpet gently with a cloth. You can also put a dry cloth over it. So, the extra water is removed from the carpet.

5. Vaccum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is an effective way of removing unwanted particles from a carpet. With the help of a vacuum cleaner dry a carpet completely. If you let the water stay on the carpet, moulds might grow on it. Furthermore, the dust particles will also become wet and settle in the deepest layer of the carpet. Thus, vacuum cleaning is necessary.

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